Erebuni-Yerevan 2792

«Erebuni-Yerevan» festival with the motto «We are Yerevan» was celebrated with a great solemnity on October 10th. Early in the morning the streets were washed with sprinklers, youth organizations washed all the monuments and statues in the centre.

The celebration itself was starred at 12.00 from the square adjacent to «Erebuni» fortress-museum. The largest dramatized performance of the day with the motto «From Erebuni to Yerevan» was held here.

The President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan, the Chairman of the NA Hovik Abrahamyan, the mayor of Yerevan Gagik Beglaryan, the members of the RA Dovernment, the members of the Aldermen Council, townspeople and guests of the capital were among thousands of spectators.

The history of Erebuni-Yerevan is the same but the decoration was different. The audience saw the meeting of old and new times. Then the solemn procession with king Argishti ahead moved along Artsakh street, Tigran Mets avenue towards the centre of the capital receiving the festive greetings and congratulations of the townspeople.

Thousands of happy people gathered in the square adjacent to the City Hall of Yerevan: soldiers and sportsmen, scientists and teachers, builders and pupils. All the people congratulated each other emphasizing the motto of the day – we are Yerevan.

In the central part of the square medical service employees congratulated the holiday in a very special way: they formed with umbrellas the words “Erebuni-Yerevan” and a red cross.

The front entrance of the City Hall was turned into a stage. The festive drum-roll announced the start of the measure. The mayor of Yerevan Gagik Beglaryan greeted the presents.

Then, taking into account the decision of the Aldermen Council of October the 5th, the mayor of Yerevan awarded the title of Yerevan Freeman to the driver of electric train of Yerevan Metro Samvel Petrosyan and to the Syrian Armenian benefactor, the president of «Pyunik» charitable fund Gabriel Jmberjyan.

The participants of the celebration moved to Republic Square headed by mayor Gagik Beglaryan, receiving on their way greetings and congratulations of the people.

Republic square was full of people. The flags of all former Armenian capitals were brought to the square. The festive procession was received by the mayor of Yerevan and by the members of the Aldermen Council.

The soldiers of Urartu Army entered the square from one side and the soldiers of Independent Armenia Forces came from the other side. A symbolic meeting of the two armies: 2792 years ago a soldier of Urartu served to his Homeland like today our soldier serves in the army.

The mayor of Yerevan spent all his day with the townspeople. Walking about the capital he visited all the formed 20 stages greeting and inspiring the participants. The mayor visited North avenue which became a Master’s city that day. Arts and crafts of old Yerevan were shown there.

A bit aside a group of young people turned a part of the avenue into the break-dance ground. Traditional Armenian Kochari performed in off-centre way: guests from abroad danced together with our dancers. In Moscow park acrobats were performing their art when the mayor came there, beside them the children were watching Armenian national fairy tale “Two jugs”.

Children’s park was turned into a fairy land for children. Little townspeople were greeted there by favourite heroes from fairy tales and cartoons. The show of retro automobiles was a part of the festive city. Cycling race, windsurfing, the stage of the world people, jazz, rock, classic music and discotheque: all these were parts of the celebration.

Favourite Armenian pop singers greeted the townspeople with their songs in Shahumyan square. The representatives of the national minorities living in Armenia participated in the event as well. In the junction of Mashtots avenue and Byuzand street the mayor was greeted with Armenian national songs and dances. Best wishes to Yerevan sounded accompanied by Armenian cognac. People were treated with festival cakes decorated with the name of the holiday – Erebuni-Yerevan.

In the evening the celebration was continued with gala-concert in Republic square. The President of the republic, Catholicos of All Armenians, the NA Chairman, the Prime Minister were present at the concert.

The evening was continued by the big festive concert. The stage was splendid filled with modern light and sound equipment. The holiday happened passing the audience a high spirit, and the sky of Yerevan lit with a marvelous firework.

Other details of the celebration …

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