“Yerevan is the home of all Armenians, and what is being done is just for the sake of development of Yerevan and the common prosperity of Yerevan townspeople”

The address of the mayor of Yerevan Gagik Beglaryan on the 2792th anniversary of Yerevan

Honorable Mr President of the Republic of Armenia,
Your Holiness,
Dear townspeople and the guests of the capital

Today, on this beautiful autumn day we are celebrating the 2792th anniversary of Yerevan, our centuries-old capital.
Yerevan with its almost three-thousand-year-old biography has become the symbol of    eternity of Armenian people presenting our nation and the independent state in front of  our Homeland, the diaspora and the whole world. History left us a glorious and honorable city. As the  founder of Erebuni-Yerevan king Argishti said – for the sake of the power of our country and to scare the enemy.

Erebuni – Yerevan 2792

Erebuni-Yerevan. An Armenian cradle measured with millenniums.
In the 9th century BC the basin of lake Van in Armenian Uplands there was founded Armenian Kingdom of Van (Ararat Kingdom) – Urartu, Biaynili. The founder of the kingdom was king Arame. The kingdom of Van was once one of the most powerful possessions. In the 5th century of sovereignty Argishti the First built that fortress. The first dwellers were mostly soldiers – 6600 people. The cuneiform left by Argishti A testifies:


The celebration of “Erebuni-Yerevan” was organized so that all the age groups of the population from all the administrative districts could participate in the event. Owing to the video materials you can «participate» once again in the processions of many thousands and in dramatized performances taken place in all the squares, in different measures which turned the holiday into a special cultural event.


Thousands of dwellers of Yerevan and guests from abroad participated in the measures dedicated to the holiday of ancient Yerevan.

Watching these video materials where the history and the present are summarized, we become full of optimism and faith about the future of our capital.


The efforts of the founders of today’s Yerevan are directed to providing the best life conditions for the growing generation. «Erebuni-Yerevan» is another reason to encourage the children, to accustom them to the past and the present of their capital, to inspire love and belief towards Yerevan.

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